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Mess Kit Melbourne Laundry Service

Offering a High Quality Industrial Laundry Service

If you’re looking for an industrial laundry service that Melbourne businesses can rely on, you can trust the dedicated team at Mess Kit.

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About Us

Mess Kit is a second-generation family owned and run business situated in Dandenong South. Mess Kit is a leading supplier of industrial workwear hire Melbourne businesses have trusted for over three decades, with a loyal and valued customer base.

We offer a workwear rental service, Customers own Goods service and other ancillary services such as dust mats, cabinet roller towels and industrial wipers.

Coming from a smaller operation and growing over the years we remain small enough to care yet large enough to cope. We pride ourselves in a quick response time to customer requests and an ability to meet specific needs of our customers. You may have seen one of our fleet of distinctive company vehicles while servicing the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Mess Kit Company Building


Our Benefits

We tailor our service to meet your needs, including picking up and delivering workwear to your business. We are serious about providing a superior workwear cleaning Melbourne customers can be happy about.


We strictly follow Australian Standards for the laundering of textiles.The team at Mess Kit are dedicated to maintaining the high standard of workwear washing Melbourne businesses can be proud of.

Having trouble with your current supplier?

A workwear service should continue without fail, week after week, behind the scenes with very little input from yourself. If your current service is causing you to be too involved, please call our Office.

At Mess Kit all our staff have years of experience, decades even, and we are a tight knit team. A Industrial laundry service dandenong should be of benefit to your business. If your current supplier is not saving you time, then ring Mess Kit.

As a Mess Kit customer, under circumstances where you need to contact us, you will find our customer service both prompt and accessible. Our drivers are trained to deal with your enquiries, such as measuring up new wearers, while on their rounds to save you time.

Another point of difference is that Mess Kit does not charge any regulatory charges, fuel charges, environmental levies on our invoices. For some customers that can be a significant saving.

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